Saturday, February 12, 2005

Using Flickr now...

I started using Flickr today to upload/webitize some photos that have been sitting in my hard drive. Now, I can share them with friends and family. I hope they do the same (hint hint...nudge nudge).

Flickr is a web-based photo-sharing/social website that is growing at about 30% a month. I'm way too knew to the service to fawn over all of the features...but the ones the I like so far:
  • You and others can comment on your photos
  • I can set up groups and watch them in a slideshow (though it seems that the show will only run once, and then prompt you to start it again)
  • In the "Everyone's" section, I can "play" by looking what other people have done with their public photos
  • From the Home page, you are welcomed with various international greetings: Hello, Ni Hao, G'Day, Salut, Ahoy, Namaste, etc.
What cool ways are you using Flickr?

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