Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Antarctic antics

A co-worker of mine spent a year at the South Pole. At lunch today, he spoke about life down in the land of nothingness:
  • The 300 Degree Club - when temps dip below 100 below, they pump the sauna up to 200 degrees, then jump outside for a quick pic in their shorts (with icicles instantly forming on their bodies) next to the YOU ARE AT THE SOUTH POLE sign. He cl
  • During the summer, when temps reach a balmy 20 below, they race clockwise around the pole for 3 laps...passing time zone to time zone, they quickly go back in time 72 hours...
  • Food is just about the only luxury they have, so late night kitchen snacks include leftover lobster and chocolate eclairs
  • The postman comes just once during the winter...and he just delivers...no outbound mail
  • He was there before that Internet thingy...so he had to pass time by actually *talking* to people....the SAME people...day after day after day. Well...not true exactly, cause winter was just one LONG night.
  • Sleep rhythms adjust to the body's norm: two 4 hour naps separated by 3 hours of wake time.

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