Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dude...I am a video game character!

I randomly typed in "ness" on Wikipedia today (well...ego surfing isn't so random, is it?) and what did I find out? Answer: I am a video game character!

Ness (ネス Nesu?) is a fictional character and the hero of the EarthBound video game series. He is an unassuming young boy, gifted with special powers. He comes from Onett, a small town in Eagleland, and lives next door to a boy named Pokey Minch, who becomes one of the main antagonists later in the game. Ness is a silent protagonist, however, his thoughts are shown at one point.
We share some things in common:
  • Enjoy steak
  • Many friends
  • Good physical power
  • Call our mothers occasionally
I think I found my costume for halloween next year! Who else out there can claim to be a video game character?

Set your Tivos now!

The Discovery Channel will be airing four episodes (called The Extremes, The Body, The Fuel(s) and The Brain) on February 7, 14, 21 and 28 at 8 pm ET/PT. IFTF Research Director, Kathi Vian is fittingly in the episode called The Brain and IFTF Research Director Anthony Townsend in The Body and The Brain.

One (of many) reasons I love working at IFTF

We are in the middle of a lengthy 2007 Ten-Year Forecast (one of research programs) meeting (I'm here mostly as an observer, not a contributor) and as I look around, I'm completely impressed with the brain trust sitting at the table. Beyond our own researchers, some of the IFTF affiliates here include:
In most meetings, divergent/tangential thoughts & comments tend to be annoying. Not so here!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

More publicly available research from IFTF

From time to time IFTF gets involved with private work with our clients and most of the time, the results are proprietary. This past week, however, saw the release of the work of three projects to the public domain:


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tracking our wine "cellar"

Okay, so it isn't a cellar...but it is turning into a small collection. We're headed up to Silver Oak in a couple of weeks for their 2002 Napa Valley Release Day, so it will be getting a bit bigger.

And since I've forgotten how much I've paid for most of the bottles and have no clue about scores or drinking windows, I decided to do some surfing and came across CellarTracker. This site allows you to keep a personal inventory and provides anything/everything you need to know about your collection. What I learned about our "cellar":

Friday, January 19, 2007

Playing with my geneaolgy

SF-based Geni launched a few days ago and I played with it for about two hours. It is VERY addictive! I loaded up 54 names over 5 generations...inviting my family and extended family (if I had their e-mail addresses). It took a couple of days, but a cousin's wife began to extend the tree. I have a lot of cousins and they have been quite busy these past few years passing on their genes and I (sadly) don't know all the names of all my new second cousins. Now I will...provided they all start to add to the tree.

My only question is what happens when individual nodes meet one they automatically connect with one another? [Update: just read that trees will eventually merge. Very cool!]

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wikipedia "occasional" word of the day: catnip

One of my favorite sites is Wikipedia. I've always been a history/science/knowledge hound, so it is easy to lose myself there from time to time. My January 18th Resolution (I didn't make this on New Year's, unfortunately) is to learn something new every day (well...almost every day).

Where will the word/phrase/topic come from? I'm not sure...but it won't be difficult to find something new.

I present to you today's Wikipedia word of the day: catnip.

My favorite snippet:
"When cats sense the bruised leaves or stems of catnip, they will rub in it, roll over it, paw at it, chew it, lick it, leap about and purr, often salivating copiously. Some cats will also growl and meow. This reaction only lasts for a few minutes before the cat loses interest.[2] It takes up to two hours for the cat to "reset" and then it can come back to the catnip and have the same response as before."

Friday, January 12, 2007

Google "west coast hottie" to find my blog

A couple of weeks ago, I joined MyBlogLog and then last week I loaded it to my site. One thing that the stats feature shows is where people came from. Today, someone did a google search for "west coast hottie" and (naturally) ended up on my blog. How interesting! I performed the same search and discovered that a post of mine from Aug 16 of last year came up at #5 (out of 265,000 pages), beating out #6, "Real Latin Hotties 2 DVD movie", but two slots behind Maxim Online's Hometown Hotties site. It's good to know that people can find me through that search term (but not very I am in a very satisfying relationship). Other words/phrases that led to me today: snowshoeing sequoia (#2), hubber (#1), sean ness (#1) and crows acrobatic (#4).

[Update: I am now #1 for "west coast hotties". Methinks many a person will be disappointed in what they find.]

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Do the Spagmon!

My co-worker Mike Love, built Spagmon on the .pictaps site. You can build/share your own character, too. (I'm too un-artistic to make my own.)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

IFTF welcomes three new board members

Last week was the first board meeting of the year at IFTF. We welcomed three new members:
Welcome aboard!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Apprentice

I am not much of a reality TV show watcher, but tonight we watched The Apprentice: Los Angeles. I had to laugh at the beginning when they set up the big tent: chaos!!!

It reminded me of my big tent, which takes about 25 minutes to set up by myself. I have a feeling that the 18 contestants didn't do it that fast.

So far, the "losers" have described the camping as "third world", there were concerns about wild animals and they were bitching about the heat. I don't expect to see any of this crew on my camping trips.

Friday, January 05, 2007

STIRR Founder's Mixer 2.1 - January 17, 2001

Wednesday January 17th

STIRR Founder's Mixers are blend of a mixer for technology entrepreneurs, investors, bloggers and press and launchpad for new startups with an innovative format (the 60 second spot). This is not a sit-down event.

The Original '60 Second Spot'
Mixer 2.1

The companies start presenting at 7:15pm. The presentations are a compact 60 seconds or less. The speakers and their teams are available to speak with one-on-one before and after the presentations.

Apply Online to present at STIRR


  • When: Wednesday January 17th. Gathering begins at 6:00pm, presentations at 7:15pm.
  • Where: Illusions, 260 S. California Ave, Palo Alto [map]
  • Cost: With RSVP: Founding Teams: $0, Engineers: $0, Angel/VC/Accredited Investors: $0, Press: $0, Service Providers: (legal, pr, consulting, etc): $30. RSVP required to attend. $50 w/o RSVP. Pre-printed nametags will be ready at the door.

Mixer 2.1 is being made possible by Sun Microsystems and their new startup friendly Startup Essentials program. Sun's hardware scales better than any off the shelf PC and the new release of Solaris introduces great features like ZFS, Containers, and a hyper-fast TCP/IP stack. ZFS elminates most of the drudgery of disk/filesystem and volume management, Containers let you setup testing, staging and deployment on a single box without worry, and the new TCP/IP stack will keep the pipe at the data center full. Combine the new OS with custom designed high-throughput hardware and Sun makes it possible to scale your service faster and more cost effectively than any off the shelf PC solution. You can sign-up for Startup Essentials here

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wi-fi in (rental) cars

Each time I have the ear of an automobile strategist, I mention the idea of making calls with built in wi-fi routers. Finally, here's a story about a start-up in San Francisco, Autonet Mobile, who is actually doing it with Avis. I would prefer an open system that all can enjoy, but this is a start!