Friday, January 12, 2007

Google "west coast hottie" to find my blog

A couple of weeks ago, I joined MyBlogLog and then last week I loaded it to my site. One thing that the stats feature shows is where people came from. Today, someone did a google search for "west coast hottie" and (naturally) ended up on my blog. How interesting! I performed the same search and discovered that a post of mine from Aug 16 of last year came up at #5 (out of 265,000 pages), beating out #6, "Real Latin Hotties 2 DVD movie", but two slots behind Maxim Online's Hometown Hotties site. It's good to know that people can find me through that search term (but not very I am in a very satisfying relationship). Other words/phrases that led to me today: snowshoeing sequoia (#2), hubber (#1), sean ness (#1) and crows acrobatic (#4).

[Update: I am now #1 for "west coast hotties". Methinks many a person will be disappointed in what they find.]

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