Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My household magazine subscriptions

I noticed that the number of magazines that we subscribe to is getting to be pretty sizeable, so I thought I'd share the list to see how it compares to what others are reading.

Here goes:
  1. 7x7 San Francisco
  2. Backpacker
  3. Bon Appetit
  4. Business 2.0
  5. Business Week
  6. C
  7. Cuisine at Home
  8. Eating Well
  9. Fast Company
  10. Food & Wine
  11. Forbes
  12. Fortune
  13. Gourmet
  14. Inc.
  15. National Geographic
  16. Outside
  17. Portfolio
  18. Portland Monthly
  19. San Francisco
  20. Self
  21. Saveur
  22. Star
  23. Travel & Leisure
  24. U.S. News & World Report
  25. Us Weekly
  26. Wired
  27. Women's Health
What do you read? [Updated: August 9, 2007]


BlueEyedGirl said...

Gosh, when do you watch tv?! ;-)

Subscriptions stress me out ... my only one is Budget Travel.

BlueEyedGirl said...

Plus, books -- I also read books! (I don't watch tv ALL the time).

I just finished Going to Bend, and Possession -- both good, in very different ways.

Hubber said...

TV for me = LOST. Books: just finished The Time Traveler's Wife. Got a new book two day's ago about child soldier's in Africa. Having just watched Blood Diamond, I am excited (and scared) to read it.

BlueEyedGirl said...

I have The Time Traveler's Wife also. You should read What is the What if you haven't already - a semi-fictionalized biography of one of the lost boys of Sudan. Excellent and very scary.

Magazine_Lover said...

Well, for me a magazine subscription that talks about any of these topic are really outstanding. These types of magazine will not only enhance your knowledge but will also focus on your interests.

cb said...

That list is good for about 5 trees a year!

Hubber said...

In America, there are more trees today than there were in 1900, as long as I recycle, I don't see this as a bad thing. (And yes, I recycle.)

Maria said...

We are deluged with catalogs and such that I have tried to unsubscribe from multiple times, but as far as magazines we just get Fast Company, Shape, Jane, Outside, and some mountain biking mag my husband likes. We were getting a TON when I redeemed some expiring miles for like 5 pubs that I never had time to read and ended up recycling. I may get reincarnated as a doomed tree for punishment!