Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I am going to winecamp...May 26-28. Not sure what to expect, but I do LOVE wine and camping!

The details

Who: How about this: we're not going to host just the regular Bar Camp crowd -- no, we're also going to invite a bunch of interested and proactive non-profits to mix it up in order to explore how the new wave of social apps that are all so near and dear to us can help bring about an evolution in the tools that non-profits use. And ideally, many of these will be or become open source...!

We're already working with the preeminent tech provider in the non-profit world, CompuMentor, to reach out and connect with folks ready for something new. It's time to meet up directly and make the connection between Bar Camp, open source and the non-profit community.

What: Bar Camp goes upscale! Wine, wifi, good food and a bon fire. What more can you ask for?

...Well, there is one more thing. The WineCampFundraiser! Imagine buying excellent wine for yourself and having part of the proceeds being put towards a program that encourages underprivileged students to get into open source. Sound good? Details (and how to get involved) coming soon!

Where: This event will take place at the Ferriere vineyard in the Sierra foothills... Old Airola Road, Coyote Ridge Peninsula, between Murphy's and Columbia in Calaveras County.

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