Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Attending O'Reilly's Emerging Telephony Conference this week

From Tues - Thursday, I'll be at O'Reilly's Emerging Telephony Conference at the SF Airport Marriott. It seems to be a mix of hackers and big companies geeking each other out on the future of communications. Tonight, some of my colleagues are hosting a Birds of a Feather session on Cooperative Mobile Service Ecosystems...think about a wireless world where you could surf the web seamlessly and use third party applications that worked on all handsets and via all service providers. Hard to imagine? Well...we half to start somewhere, right? Hopefully we'll get a good turnout tonight!

My only bad takeaway so far has been the audacity of a couple of guys to answer their phones and have a conversation while a lecture was in progress (evil stares from many towards both). I hadn't seen that in years. Lacking a camera, proper sousveillance of the infractions was not possible. Next time...

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