Wednesday, January 18, 2006

35 below...

My boss is going to Russia this week for work.

She received this email today:
Dear XXX,
please, take care: it is terribly cold these days in St.Petersburg and in Moscow, 35 degrees below zero (Celsius) is expected by the day or your arrival.
For us non-metric Americans...that is -31 Fahrenheit!!!! Hope she stays inside the whole time cause it is COLD there!


Evonne & Darren said...

I can't even imagine what -31 degrees Fahrenheit feels like. The coldest I have been was when I went to visit my family in Toronto a few February's ago, and it was -15 degrees Celsius (-26 F). Brrr... I swore I would never go back to visit in February ever again! I am cold already even when it's 70 degrees! =)

Anonymous said...

-35 is not a problem, if! you take care.

good mostly windproof hat (or not a so good had + hood);
trousers, preferably warm underwear (a coworker came in medium length skirt in -25 and complained, that it was a bit chilly).
The top layer should be windresistant to reduce windchill.
Good socks in slightly oversize boots. (most of the ordinary shoes wont do for more than 5min, too thin soles).
And an ordinary scarf is higly recommended.

Windchill is the problem.
at -20C, if the wind is 5m/s -34C; 10m/s -44C; 20m/s -52C
at -35 it is colder.

Yes, face can get a bit cold, so what, just watch out if you don't feel the cold anymore.

BTW, it is quite funny how the hair inside your nose freezes up. Again, not a real problem, if you breathe out it melts again.

Anonymous said...

wow. that makes russians sweller than us americans. thanks for enlightening me... hack. it's a temperature. don't extrapolate it into a stab at "lazy" until you get off your ass and quit typing at a keyboard, nancy. burp.