Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Only in Palo Alto

On my way to my car from work, I passed by a house with a minature rabbit in front. Not a wild one, but a tame, *house* rabbit. I was able to snatch her up and went to the front door to see if she belonged to whoever lived inside. The man who came to the door said that the rabbit lived across the street and that it was allowed to run around the neighborhood. It enjoyed the greens in his front yard garden. To *protect* the rabbit, the owners have a sign in front of their house that says Rabbit Crossing. So...I dropped her back in the front yard and continued on to my car.

How long before that rabbit gets hit by a car???

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Evonne & Darren said...

Awww... cute little rabbit. They have a lot of them here at the pet stores. Darren and I always go look at them and pet them. They are so soft and cuddly and adorable. Unfortunately we won't be able to bring one home. Not sure if the 2 cats are going to like it! =(

Who in the right frame of mind will let the rabbit run around outside the house? I am sure the rabbit loves the grass and outdoors, but can't they just put him/her on a long leash before he/she gets killed?

People are such irresponsible owners sometime. They keep thinking that animals should be FREE to roam around. Yes, INSIDE the house, not outside. Our cat Stanley is actually scared of going outside because he has never seen the outside before, but he is perfectly content to be in the house watching the birdies outside.