Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Climbing Lassen Peak

Over the Labor Day weekend, I went camping with 20 friends to Lassen Volcanic National Park. On Sunday, 12 of us decided to hike to the peak, a 2.2 mile/2000 foot jaunt. Five of us ended up reaching the top in only 70 minutes. This is a picture of our group with a bottle of champagne that I brought up to *celebrate*. After reaching the peak, we played around at the top in the caldera. Then we had a quick snowball fight in the bit of snow that had survived the summer.


Susan Hanson said...

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Evonne & Darren said...

Cool pics... but I think you meant Labor Day weekend instead of Memorial Day weekend? Didn't Sutong and Mami go as well, and got engaged too? =)