Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Please take five minutes to play a game by noon today!

Reblogging a Jane email:

WHOAH it's a no-holds barred 19-hour FORECASTING race!! have 60 seconds? we need your brains! help a team WIN!

(We're competing to invent the future! PLEASE JOIN OUR GAME!

At 5 PM Pacific Time on Tuesday November 18, 2008, we unleashed onto the Internet five forecasting questions about the year 2019. Each question is posed by a different forecasting team at the 2008 Blended Reality conference at the Institute for the Future. Each team is competing to collect the most answers, and the most interesting examples, from the most diverse community possible.

PLEASE JOIN OUR GAME! Answer one, answer two, or more BEFORE 12 NOON PACIFIC TIME WED NOV 19, 2009

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