Monday, March 10, 2008

Gmail being attacked?

I usually wake up to about 10 new emails and 30 Spams (in my Gmail account) when I wake up. This morning , it was 52 and 1585. My work email was unaffected. Since you can only delete 50 emails at a time from Gmail's Spam folder, it took me a few minutes to be back to normal. Did anyone else notice an attack?


A said...

Isn't there a "Delete all spam messages now" link?

I use GMail as an archive backup, inbound only, but checking after reading your post in my RSS Reader, I noticed I have 34 spams in my GMail account.

One click on "Delete all spam messages now" and they're gone.

Hubber said...

Aha...YES THERE IS!!! How could I have missed that?