Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wikipedia "occasional" word of the day: puppy breath

Since my last "occasional" word of the day post was of the animal genre, something at work made me continue on with the trend.

A colleague has a new puppy named Lucy and has brought it in the past couple of days. We noticed the ever present puppy breath when she opened her mouth and it caused me to wonder two things: where does it come from? and why does it go away?

Naturally, I knew where to turn. I present to you today's Wikipedia word of the day: puppy breath.

Alternatively, the scent could potentially arise from trace elements or vapors of the milk and digestive fluids emanating from the puppy's stomach up through its esophagus via the natural process of burping to relieve gaseous build-up.

Puppy breath tends to disappear abruptly at about six to ten weeks of age, when it is replaced by the typical "dog breath" of adult dogs.

Since Lucy is no longer in contact with her mother, it isn't from trace elements of the appears to be burp residue. Sadly...there is no Wikipedia link (not yet!) to dog breath, but "new car smell" is there. (Bonus day...two wikipedia links!)

How do you feel about puppy breath? (Count me: a fan!)

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