Thursday, October 12, 2006

STIRR announces STIRRpedia

At last night's STIRR Founder's Mixer 1.7, we announced the launch of STIRRpedia.

STIRRpedia is a resource for start-up entrepreneurs by start-up entrepreneurs. Contribute and assist your fellow entrepreneur! Let's put some fun into taking care of some of the dry parts of startup business. Stories, anecdotes, links to great info, personal insights are welcome.
We hope that it takes off!


GaryV said...


The Wiki is a great idea. However, as I told your colleague Sanford at the event in SF, one of the fundamental reasons entrepreneurs come to STIRR events is to find "partners in crime" so to speak. In my case, I am looking for a technical co-founder as others may be looking for funding, PR etc etc. Its kind of difficult in a noisy environment to do that except in a hit and miss method.

It would be great if you enable founders to set up pages or link their blogs in your wiki or the STIRR website where founders of very new companies can lay out their plan, needs, wants etc and that others can browse or comment. If successful, the next event would be even more productive and STIRR can add value. Anyway thats my 10 cents worth.


Anonymous said...

I've got agree with Gary. While I've not attended an event yet, the wiki is a great opportunity to share info AND help folks get connected. Give folks the opportunity to sign up for accounts and personalize some of the information their sharing.

Hubber said...

Hello Anonymous. To create an account, look at the upper right corner and click on "log in / create account". Contributors are encouraged to add their name & link to their blog or website at the bottom of each page. Have fun!

Hubber said...

Gary...great idea. I'll share it with my colleagues.