Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Milosh the Great!

Working at a place called the Institute for the Future comes with its pitfalls. One is that from time to time we must deal with *interested* parties who want to talk to us about their predictions.

Today, Milosh called in again, and he was transferred to me. I quickly decided to take notes:
  • talking to milosh right now
  • this is milosh who predicts things
  • like hillary clinton will be the next president
  • he's a bus driver for the city of new york
  • before that a tour bus driver
  • he spends time fixing his house
  • and lots of things around the neighborhood
  • when he comes up with an about the future
  • he came up with hillary clinton being president
  • he's gonna meet them [the clintons]
  • it's exactly the way it will happen
  • his boss doesn't believe him
  • he doesn't know the name...he knows it is clinton
  • he has some minor preditions
  • that he presents to family & friends
  • accidents or something similar
  • give me homework
  • i have no control over it
  • but i can give you an answer
  • i can give you name
  • i can give you something...for example...what is your interest
  • where is the stock market going to be
  • everything around me, that is what i see
  • i tell you and we see if true in three years
  • which companies you work with want to know what i know?
  • thank you for your time
We've been talking to Milosh for years now. He's good-humored and friendly, but I don't think we'll be hiring him anytime soon.

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