Sunday, April 02, 2006

Tahoe weekend

I went up to Tahoe on Friday, but bad weather (70+ mph winds) caused I-80 to be shut down around 5 or 6pm (both ways), wo all those heading up had to take other routes (doubtful), head home or locate a hotel room or a friend's house to crash. We found a hotel around 11pm.

The skiing was great (made it to Northstar by 10am Sat morning) and got in 5 good hours of skiing.

Coming home, on the Carquinez Bridge, a Mercedes sped past us followed by a cruiser in pursuit. We knew something was up when the car swerved onto the breakdown lane to get around slower moving cars. At the curve, we saw the car accelerating away from the police car. A few minutes later, move cruisers passed us and a helicopter appeared as well. Nothing on the news yet about this, but I'll update if I see anything.

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