Thursday, March 09, 2006

My desk

In December of 2004, we moved to downtown Palo Alto from Sand Hill Road (our home of 35-odd years). All agreed...a much better location: next to CalTrain, plenty of restaurants/shops nearby and a much bigger (and open) space. We took doors from the old space and I snagged it to use as a desk (see picture). The history of the space is varied...a adult theater in the 70s, the HQ for a microbrewery (I can never remember which one), the HQ for iPix (though they are based in Reston VA, so that may not be true) and right before us, the HQ for Danger (claim to fame...someone hacked into Paris Hilton's Sidekick...made by Danger). At some point, a third floor was added and earthquake retro-fitting meant meant the installation of criss-cross beams (5 rows of them). My desk butts up against one of them. I use it to hang letters from my niece & nephew and the other side has a calendar and a patch from my recent Orange Bowl trip. My desk has a phone, computer and assorted office supplies (I am an information worker), but also includes a pink pig and a Penn State music box/snow globe. Nice and big and holds all that I need. To my left is an atrium (I can look down into it) and then an open space is to my right. In the winter time it gets dark very early. So this time of year is nice, since the days are getting longer.

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Evonne & Darren said...

Very nice office space... very open!