Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blackout last night

A big storm went through the Bay Area yesterday causing some blackouts. My house was affected, with the power off from 6:30pm(ish) until 12:30am. I was in the city playing vball in my Monday night league so didn't have to spend too much time with candles and flashlights. The most exciting part of the storm (for me) occurred after the vball match when some of my teammates met up at the Hyatt Knuckles bar/restaurant. Around 10pm, there was a huge gust outside the restaurant that ripped the 15' x 5' x 5' awning right off the facade. It...all ~500 pounds of it...just missed landing on some patrons who were enjoying a smoke outside. See how dangerous smoking is!!!!

1 comment:

tgs.cincout.com said...

Crikey - smoking is dangerous!!!
But on the other hand even that wont make us stop - even 500lb missiles being hurled in our direction wont stop the nicotine addiction damm it. :)