Monday, December 19, 2005

Holiday Party 2005

Last night, my company had its annual holiday party at the Hiller Aviation Museum next to the San Carlos Airport. This was my first trip to the museum and the place was filled with more planes/helicopters than I expected. Very educational and for a info-geek like me, I was quite happy. No less than three people asked me to be more social (I was off in various corners reading placards. :-)

They have the front end of a 747 outside and you can go inside, sit in first class and watch a movie (we were playing Top Gun during the party). You can also go upstairs and check out the cockpit: sit down and grab the controls, flip the levers, push the pedals and adjust toggles as long as you want. Inside the museum, there were several interactive areas where you could fly a virtual helicopter or a virtual plane or watch how planes take off and land.

The food was buffet-style and we were treated to a chocolate fondue fountain for dessert (I'm told that these are pretty popular at Crate & Barrel this year, which means if you buy one, you'll use it once and then put it in storage for 20 years. From time to time, you'll think about it, wish that you used it more, but it will stay in the same place. Guaranteed!)

We had a raffle drawing and oddly, one family won 43% of the prizes. Note to still owe me $20 for fixing the raffle for you! ;-)

All in all...a good evening. I would recommend going to the Museum if you get a chance.


Evonne & Darren said...

Did you bring Sutong with you to the party? I am sure he would have loved going to the Aviation Museum with ya!

Hmmm... chocolate fondue fountain. That sounds scrumptious!

Hubber said...

Nope...Sutong didn't go with me. But I'm sure he's been there!