Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Intelligent Design conversations are such a WASTE of time

What is our country coming to? While the rest of the world is advancing their technology base (Go Asia!!!) we have do waste our time having inane conversations with people who are making us look like idiots.

It seems that one of our (America's) biggest problems is lack of education. I think before I would have an intellectual conversation with an ID fanatic, I would want them to read this first.

[Update 1: I love this stamp!] [Update 2: Don't be surprised if some out there think that Intelligent Falling is a serious idea.]

[Update 2: Here's a Dec 19, 2005 New Scientist story with Darwin's fingerprints all over the human genome.]


Evonne & Darren said...

I used to shop at the Cabazon outlet on my way to Palm Springs (great stores, by the way), but I don't remember seeing those concrete dinosaurs. What are they all about anyways?

Ross Pipkins said...

Hello, I am interested in hearing from others

Errol Penland said...

hehe =)