Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Soylent Green

I came home tonight and popped in my latest flick from Netflix...Soylent Green. I heard about it years and years ago and finally took the time to watch it.

Recap (but not to spoil it, should anyone follow my lead and rent it themselves): location - NYC; year - 2022; population - 40 million; unemployment is at 50%; food is limited; hot water is a luxury; a jar of strawberries costs $150; sleeping bodies cover all available stairways at night. Our gun-toting hero, Charlon Heston, plays the lead as Det. Robert Thorn, woos a lady (while thieving from her dead boss); investigates the death of said boss; and in the end, uncovers the deep, dark secret of the Soylent Corporation (the world's largest food corporation): soylent green is made from ______. Okay, if you are a fan of random trivia, you can probably fill in the blank.

Thoughts: sci fi has come a long way.; the environmentalists took the idea of overpopulation to the extreme; and movies are a lot better these days.

Back to West Wing...

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Anonymous said...

I played for a hockey team named "Soylent Green" (green uniforms with yellow letters). People would say, "Oh, that's a cool name. What does it mean?" We'd tell them and they'd say, "You guys are sick."

When Charleton Heston spoke at the 1992 Republican Convention, he was announced as the "Voice of God" and Moses in Ten Commandments and all sorts of family friendly things. My roommate (VP of the Penn State College Republicans) and I were watching it. I asked him why they didn't mention either of my two favorites, Soylent Green or (the real) Planet of the Apes?