Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Boring night...

Last night, I went to Churchill Club's most recent event...Making a List: What's Hot and What's Not in Personal Technology. I can sum it up in one word: BORING. The whole time, all I wanted to do was go home. Sure, there was one celebrity up there, Jerry Yang, the founder of Yahoo!. But no one was prepared; the presenters didn't know how to use the display; they kept waving the devices around while they spoke instead of keeping still. Sure there were some funny putdowns and sexual innuendos, but they weren't good enough to make up for that fact that it was BORING.

I think I know why I was bored though. I am NOT a gadget freak...never have been, never will be. I own a cell phone, a couple of TVs and a couple of DVD players. But, I do not possess the following: camera, digital camera, USB memory stick, big stereo, big speakers, TIVO, home computer (the old one died), no palm pilot (dropped mine almost 3 years ago), and no IPod.

Is this sad? I don't think so. What do I do instead? Well...I ditched runs to Blockbuster in favor of Netflix...if that counts as *gadgety*. At some point I may get an IPod, but listening to Limbik Frequencies (Ambient stream on I-Tunes) suits me fine at work, as does NPR on the road. The girl wants an HDTV...and I can understand that; one of those will be in our future. But nothing else really *jazzes* me. I guess that means I save a lot of money, huh?

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juniper said...

it means you are very happy with the outdoors and nature, hopefully, instead of connecting w it w sleek gadgets. me, however, gimme a flat screen mama any day!! woohoo! these babies ROCK! *drooool* you US peeps are FAR behind the times!