Monday, December 31, 2007

An ABC promotional site for LOST fans ( has been hacked

I am a fan of the ABC show LOST and from time to time, visit Lostpedia to get updates on the show and also to see all the details that fans have uncovered.

Today, I had some free time (many of us do!) and visited the site. I stumbled upon an article on the Apollo Bar (a candy bar that has made several appearances over the last three years) and started to read. Envious of the fans that had a chance to eat one of the bars, I watched a commercial for the candybar (see below)...

...and then preceded to visit the Apollo Candy website (dub dub dub apollocandy dot com). appears that ABC has been a bit careless and allowed the site to be taken over by some pornies. There is no reference to the hack on Lostpedia (so I added it) or by searching Google...looks like I found something! Running a whois search, I see that the site registrant doesn't appear to be associated with ABC/Disney. I gave an ABC contact the details of this...let's see how long it takes to clean it up.

As Seth Godin mentions...a website is forever, you need to keep/maintain it (or at least not let the pornies take it from you!)

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